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Friday, April 8, 2016

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                          Fri 8thApr2016  MINNESOTA MASSACRE
         At all times Material  Affiant hereinafter SHARON has fought the Corrupt Family Courts and Attorney General SkippyHumphrey for 40  years.
           TO THE ABOVE NAMED   Humble Plea 4 Mother of 5 Children Sandra Grazzini-Rucki,  Beautiful BlackHaired Beauty, Airline Stewardess, jailed in Dakota Co, County Attorney James Backstrom 1 Million Bail constituting Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
                   AFFIANT AND OTHERS are tracking this Family Court Case,exposing Corrupt Judge Knutson et al
                  Affiant Widow Sharon ScarrellaAnderson similarily situated years ago
We the People must expose the Taking of our Children by Judges,County Attorneys for their pecuniary gain and employmnet.
                            I will transfer to a Blog and 

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Sharon Anderson
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