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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Murder by Diabetes-Jane D Duchene 1986

11/29/2007 08:22 AM CST - WASHINGTON - Fifty-four nursing homes are being told by the government that they're among the worst in their states in an effort to goad them into improving patient care. Full Story

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Re: the Murder by Diabetes of Jane D Duchene in 1986 Petition

Re: the Murder by Diabetes of Jane D Duchene in 1986

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To: United State Attorney General

1. That this signer has reviewed the medical records from Wedgewood Healthcare Center, Inver Grove, Minnesota. Dr. Corbett and reports regarding the death of Jane Duchene, displayed at, and it is clear to this signer that Dr. Corbett knew that he was causing the death of Jane Duchene, and would similarly cause the death of any other insulin dependent diabetic patient, by radically reducing two thirds of her insulin and failing to restore it for nearly one month; because this signer and even members of this signer’s family know:
a) there is no possibility that this signer would under dose this signer’s insulin, by a reduction of two thirds or other similar radical reduction, for a period of nearly one month as Dr. Corbett did regarding Jane Duchene because this signer would know this course would be suicidal and result in acidosis, ketosis and death from diabetic coma;- and even if the condition of acidosis were caused by under dosing insulin this signer would know to restore insulin to a higher and sufficient dosage, without a physician’s advice because the symptoms of acidosis are so prominent, deadly and well known to this signer.
b) that a normal fasting blood sugar, before food is ingested, is between 60 and 120 and that a blood sugar of 67 would not be cause to reduce insulin by two thirds, at all or for nearly one month to prevent insulin reaction.
c) that insulin reaction is treated by taking sugar, glucose, orange juice or other quickly absorbed sugar/glucose source so that the excess of insulin has something to act on in the diabetic’s system.

2. That this signer is particularly shocked by the fact that Mrs. Duchene’s death occurred in a nursing home where factors of managing a diabetic diet where being done for Jane Duchene and where the strict medical control for diabetes makes it impossible for death from diabetic coma, as happened to Jane Duchene, to occur; unless death from insulin deficiency is being deliberately caused.

3. That this signer knows that both physician’s and nurses are acutely aware of the symptoms of acidosis, ketosis and diabetic coma from insufficient insulin; as aware or even more aware than this signer is; therefore, it seem impossible to this signer that the nursing staff did not know that Jane Duchene was dying from insulin deficiency, as this signer and this signer’s family know the classic symptoms of insulin deficiency (acidosis, ketosis and diabetic coma) and insulin shock or insulin reaction.

4. That this signer does not purport to understand the personal motives and non medical reasons for the commission of the murderous acts of discontinuing the necessary insulin of Jane Duchene, by Dr. Corbett and the nursing staff at Wedgewood, and after the fact in the cover up by Dakota County officials Backstrom and Plunkett; however, this signer is certain and concerned that the act of discontinuing two thirds of Jane Duchene’s insulin and failing to restore it to a therapeutic dosage were not acts done with any possible medical benefit to Jane Duchene in mind and were intentional and deliberate acts done with the full knowledge that Jane Duchene’s death from diabetic coma was being caused.

5. That this signer is very concerned that there has been no action against Dr. Corbett by law enforcement, under the dirtection of Backstrom and Plunkett, nor a grand jury investigation of the death of Jane Duchene, regarding Dr. Corbett’s reduction of Jane Duchene’s insulin and death from that; and this signer believes that any diabetic who might be vulnerable or incapacitated and need to rely on others to give correct dosages of insulin is unsafe until Dr. Corbett is brought before a grand jury for investigation of this case because Dr. Corbett’s radical reduction of insulin, which predictably would cause death, regarding Jane Duchene, is a precursor for other similar deaths caused by medical professionals.

6. That this signer does not know personally or professionally know: Dr. Victor Corbett, nurses Anne Thule or Jeanne Menard or any other parties involved in the discontinuation of Jane Duchene’s insulin, personally, to the best of this signer’s knowledge and this signer bears no actual malice or malice as defined by law towards any of said parties;- this signer’s sole concern is for this signer’s life and vital safety should this signer become vulnerable and unable to control this signer’s daily insulin dosages, whether that be in a medical environment or elsewhere in an unforeseen situation. this signer bears no ill will towards the medical or legal profession; however this signer does believe that this signer has a right as a person who has the chronic but not fatal disease, diabetes, to be assured that instances of termination of the life of any diabetic; rendered helpless, vulnerable and dependent on others for insulin is not terminated by withholding of sufficient insulin; is prosecuted by law enforcement.

7. The signer is motivated to sign this petition because of the circumstance of one instance of deliberate causing of the death of one adult diabetic from withdrawal of insulin, when met with indifference and impunity from law enforcement, shows obvious official and disregard and contempt for the lives a large class of vulnerable and disabled people, not least diabetes, and that similar deaths of other diabetics, and perhaps those with more complex illnesses, will be met with similar contempt and indifference and invite such murders to take place, in medical environments and in the community.

8. This signer is aware that control in medical institutions can readily be taken by medical professionals and that medical professionals are at least reluctant to bring civil or criminal misconduct by other medical professionals to light; therefore, this signer feels it is important to speak out, in circumstances where the misconduct centers around an illness and it’s treatment that is so well known to diabetics and their families. this signer takes a stand and emphatically insists that law enforcement and State and/or federal Prosecutors bring Dr. Corbett before a grand jury for investigation on charges of homicide in the first degree of Jane D Duchene, in this signer’s medical and social interest, which is a public interest.

9. This signer also requests that there be a federal investigation into the conduct of Dakota County Attorney, James Backstrom, and Dakota County Coroner, John Plunkett, as these parties appear to have committed the crime of covering up a murder, or aiding and abetting this murder after the fact.


The Undersigned

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