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Monday, April 30, 2012


When Government is the Lawbreaker it breeds contempt for Law Condense to the Major Issues: for Script


Affiant Sharon Anderson Maiden Name Peterson_Chergosky 1st Husband Scarrella

Pursuant to Penalitys of Perjury Script4

on the Graves of he Parents Bill and Bernice Peterson ie: Tenants in Common.

To Any and all 700 Victims coming forth

"at risk" Civil,Criminal Complaints against State and Federal MN Judges

"Takings" of Family 1966, by Decedant Judge Lynch

Vonessa Anna Maria Scarrella_Heritage - YouTube

► 3:20► 3:20

Takings of Realestate from 1973 up to and including the present

Scarrella vs. Midwes Fed S&L wihout Probate's or Quiet Titles.

536 F.2d 1207

by Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit - 1976 - Cited by 77 - Related articles

536 F.2d 1207. Rev. Sharon L. SCARRELLA et al., Appellants, v. MIDWEST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN et al., A

1974 Taking the Right to run for the Jobs of Judge In re: Scarrella4Justice221NW2d562 because Sharon et al did not have a Law License
1982 Tax Court Denied Due Process 1984 Impeachment of numerous Judges. Wrongful Death Bernice A. Peterson
1984 May 1st "Tenant in Common"
1988 Lesbian Judge Kathleen Gearin exploited Sharon and Disabled Husband to Take our Homestead at 1058 Summit Ave. St.Paul,MN
Forcing us to live in a Tar Paper Shack. contrary to ADA,Banking Regulations, State and Federal Laws.

1989 Wrongful Death of William O.Peterson Tenant in Common.

1992 Sharon purchased 697 Surrey Ave St.Paul for 5 thous. running for St.Paul Mayor vs. Norm Coleman the 3rd and Maria Blast which 6 persons Died re: Judge Kathleen Gearin.

1994 Sharon the Republican Candidate for MN Attorney General.

1997 Sharons 2nd Husband Silver Star Cpl Jim Anderson went on a

Drunkard Rampage, playing into the Hands of the Corrupt Courts

ie: Judges John Hawkinson, Lois Lange, Jon Maturi,
Sharon ended up in he State Mental Institution for 94 days, forced "Depokate" a Dangerous Drug for Elepisy, false Medical Records, Divorce Papers served MN Commitment Panel Lesbian Judge Kathleen Gearin_Joane Smith,Alberta Miera ie: Judge Gregg Johnson and his Wife County Commissioner at that time Susan Haigh. Judge Salvador Rosas etc. currently Judge John Vandenorth, Retired Black Judge Edward Toussaint, False Orders stating property Abondoned, when Homestead. 94 thousand Dollars unaccounted for by Ramsey Co. Officials. Major Ponzi Schemes in the State Commitment Process

Subsequently Jim Anderson was committed for 1 year at Brainard and was Murdered 21Sept2000.

2000 to 2012 Sharon runs for Public Office Filings July2012 in MN.

2005 Sharon went Blind in the Ramsey Co.Jail, Denied Medical Care.
The Reprisals are Heinous.......... Corrupt Cops stalking the citizenery

taking Water,Cars,Trailers personal property re: Metro Gang Strike Force. Dirty Cops stalking Sharon causing Fractured Ankle 2005

Water Shut Off 2006  2007 Theft of Car,Trailer,Personal Property.

2008 Property Taxes paid US Bank with Constitutional Challenge of the Excessive,Burdensome,Arbitrary Fees,Excussive Consumption,Row Duplicate triggering Tax Forfeiture of 697 Surrey 2013. unabated by Government Officials.


TO AVOID REPRISALS.. Ponzi Schemes in St. Paul must be exposed.

Sharons Propertys unabated by Government Officials

Taken in a Ponzi Schemes 1058 Summit Ave,Homestead,325 N.Wilder 6 unit,448Desnoyer Duplex,2194 Marshall duplex, currently 697 Surrey in Tax Forclosure 2013 via Death,Disability,Disparagement of Titles Theft of Car,Water,etc. 2 Cabins
denied now over 10 years by Corrupt Judges Solien, et al


Sharon went Blind in the Ramsey Co. Jail Denied Medical Care Corrupt Judges Solien et al.J

Yes the Pic Proves the Corruption of the Minnesota Court System and to covertly coverup
Attorney Pro Se_Private AG and Whistleblowers Valid Complants of Government Abuse.
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