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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alice Krengel v. Bad Cop Bud Shaver

Click here: 2cityofficials If Bud Shaver W. St.Paul Police Chief lives in Wisc. No wonder the Strike force was shut down...............
Alice Krengel Won A07-310
Further Where does our Police Chief in St. Paul John Harrington live Oakdale??
To: Letters to Editor's
Has our Hometown Paper become so entrenched in "dirty" politics that Human Interest MN Supreme Court Precedant is not published for the citizenery.
Affiant chides the paper with this short story: titled
Wounded Sparrow on the Wings of an Angel
Our Wounded Sparrow ie Alice Krengel, learned in the ways of the law, by her Father
a lawyer for the RailRoads, has lived for over 20 yrs in the Forty Acre Project in West St.Paul,MN.
in her paid for Home.
Alice with a great heart has befriended others in their Homeless Issues, to the reprisals
by the City of West St. Paul MN, Mayor John Zanmiller also St.Paul Water Board Member. City Attorney Kory Land acting in concort with Judge Leslie Metzen.
Reprisals by Police Chief Manilla Bud Shaver, to defame,destroy the Dignity of this Wounded Sparrow to the "forced" eviction of Her Home for 1 year.
Minnesota's Homeowners, are now able to Fight Back with Eminent Domain Issues, Bad Cops, Buildings Inspectors that exceed their Authority in the alleged Nuisance Laws.
EMINENT DOMAIN IN MINNESOTA: Case study Alice Krengel, 823 Allen, WSP with the Wings of an Angel Justice Helen Meyer appt. by then Governor Jessie Ventura. Click here: Judge Profile Thanks to former Gub. Ventura re: Judicial Appts. forcing the recusal of Justice Paul Anderson of Levander Law Firm
A07-310 City of West St. Paul, Appellant, vs. Alice Jane Krengel, Respondent.
Court of Appeals.
Under the Public Nuisance Law, Minn. Stat. §§ 617.80-.87 (2008), the abatement of statutorily-defined nuisance activity, as set forth in an injunction notice, prevents the prosecuting attorney from seeking an injunction to bar use of the property.
Affirmed. Justice Helen M. Meyer.
Took no part, Justices Paul H. Anderson and Christopher J. Dietzen.
THEREFORE: Numerous Morals to the Story ie: Wounded Sparrow

Alice Krengel Homeowner in West St.Paul,MN, for the past 10 years has been harrassed by MS609.43 Misconduct of Public Officials ie: Strike Force Cop Bud Shaver, Prosecutor Kory Land, Levander Law Firm"Justice Paul Anderson" recused, Judge Leslie Metzen, Housing Court,SCAP ie: Commitment Panel, MN Supreme Precedant ie: Prosecutoral Misconduct,Judicial Error, Case at, Google et al